One of the questions we get asked all the time is, How much Should I take? While there is no set answer to this questions, in order to suggest a dosage, first we need to pinpoint some of the “factors” that affect proper dosage.

Age: Yes, your grandma might need a different dosage of CBD. Age is a well-known factor of metabolism for many products, due to variations in enzyme content and activity. We suspect it’s the same for CBD products.

Diet: Another factor of consumption is a person’s diet, which again have an influence over enzyme activity and content. Diet has a direct influence on bioavailability.

Gender: Women and Men metabolize certain drugs like Aspirin differently. There’s the potential for this with CBD products as well.

Ethnic Background: Individuals from different ethnic backgrounds may differ in enzyme content, which is critical to metabolic processes. This is why products may work in some global markets but not others.

Severity: The severity of the condition also plays a role in recommended dosage.

Size: A person’s physical size must be factored into dosing consideration. Controlling for other variables, doses should be in proportion to size.

The truth is, while there may be general factors that affect recommended dosing size, it’s hard to know how you body is going to react – which brings up, microdosing. What is microdosing you may ask? Microdosing is the regular consumption of a product, in this case CBD, at below perceptual levels. 

Why Microdose? We want to provide you with a more worthwhile answer to your dosage questions than, “it depends.” In order to establish the proper dosing protocol for you, starting off at micro levels and building up is the best option. There are so many metabolic differences between users that the only person who can determine the right dose is yourself. 

To microdose, most people start by taking a dose that’s one-tenth to one-fifth of the normal dosage. If you don’t notice any benefit, you would then increase your dosage and continue the process. As always, if you have any questions about dosage assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more help.

Microdosing according to Wikipedia

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