When first deciding to give CBD a try, there are a few things you want to look for when choosing a company to purchase from. We are going to go over the top 4 things we want you to look for when deciding to purchase CBD products.

Sourcing: Our number one recommendation when deciding to purchase CBD, is that you look for CBD products that are sourced from the highest quality Industrial Hemp possible. Hemp can be produced here in the states, or imported. Although there isn’t much of a difference in imported hemp, versus hemp grown here in the states; imported hemp products tend to cost more, in an effort to even out production costs. However, it is important that the Hemp being used is free of harmful toxins and pesticides. We always suggest choosing a brand that works with highly experienced Hemp farmers who grow their Hemp plants with sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods. We at Natural Stress Solutions source all of our Hemp CBD from United States Hemp farms in Kentucky and Colorado.

Potency/Serving Size: CBD products can be confusing when it comes to their potency, making serving size equally as confusing. Many CBD products will list the total amount of CBD rather than by serving size on the product label. Since CBD is not regulated by the FDA, recommended serving sizes may not have scientific grounding. One of the best ways to start finding what dosage works best for you is by microdosing (starting with the smallest amount possible, and increasing the dosage until you find your dosing sweet spot.) Also, because CBD does not have an FDA status, watch out for claims about its effectiveness. “CBD cures ” is not something a company or product can lawfully claim. While there are many reasons to believe in CBD’s therapeutic use, laws are binding on the claims that can be made about products and their effectiveness.

Extraction: When buying CBD, it’s important to be aware of the extraction methods used to separate the CBD itself. There are 3 different methods used to extract CBD. The first method is an Ethanol/Alcohol extraction. This method, known as the “Rick Simpson” method, involves separation through the use of a solvent; like alcohol. In this extraction process, the plant is soaked in a solvent to yield a CBD-rich mixture, then the solvent is evaporated out to produce the CBD extract. The only negative about this process
is that it destroys vital plant waxes, limiting the full health benefits of the CBD.

The second method is a Vegetable/Olive Oil extraction. Yes, vegetable oils can be used as solvents for CBD extraction. Plant fats and oils are effective at extracting the resin, a highly concentrated part of Cannabis Sativa, for its CBD. What’s left over is a natural CBD oil product that can be consumed. While this method has low risk and cost, it is perishable and needs to be stored properly for use.

The last and most preferred method is a CO2 extraction. CO2 Extraction is a complex process that involves industrial machinery and professional expertise, You can read more about CO2 extraction here
https://naturalstresssolutions.com/what-is-co2-extraction/. As a consumer, you should always try to find CBD that has been extracted using the CO2 method.

Lab Tests: Last but not least, and the most important thing to ask for when buying CBD, is lab testing. You want to make sure that you’re getting CBD, right? Well one of the surest ways you can evaluate a product is by lab testing. In an upstart industry like CBD, where most Hemp is imported from other places, you need to be sure of your purchasing decision. Be sure to look for expiration dates on any and all lab tests. A company should always refresh its lab testing every few months to be sure of the potency and contents in the product they are presenting to the consumer. Due to other non reputable companies using lab results as their own, we do not publicly post ours online, but will disclose them when asked.

We pride ourselves in being as transparent as we can be for a CBD company. We list all of our ingredients, and use the highest quality ingredients we can, to ensure that you as a consumer are getting a clean product. We are available to answer any questions about lab tests, dosaging, and where our products come from. We want you to feel comfortable purchasing our products, and will do so by willingly answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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