CBD for your pets

Do you have an adored animal in your family that you would do just about anything for? For those of us who do, we tend to treat these pets as a part of the family. We worry about their health and well being just as much as we do our own. We buy them the best pet food out there, and make sure that all of their needs are met. For that reason, many people are looking to CBD to help with some of the things our pets struggle with; such as pain, , stress, , old age, hip and joint issues, and the list goes on.

Although CBD has been proven to work for many pets as treatment comes in the forms of capsules, biscuits, treats, and tinctures, there are some things you may want to be mindful of when giving your pets CBD. Since our pets bodies are at most times, more sensitive to changes to their diet, some may get diarrhea, and even more likely constipation. Pet owners need to be aware of this so they can ensure their pets are getting enough hydration and, if needed, something to help move things along. We suggest being able to monitor your pets for a couple days without limitations so if any issues to arise, you are able to distinguish that there is a problem, and attend to it as soon as possible.

Aside from those gastrointestinal issues though there aren’t many contraindications be wary of when it comes to giving your pets CBD. There have never been any reported deaths from animals using CBD, just some unfavorable side effects. However, if you do feel as though your pet may have had too much, the best thing to do is to monitor the pet and make sure they are eating and drinking and look to ensure that they aren’t in distress.

While it’s important to do your homework before accepting dosage advice, in general, 1 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of weight appears to be the most common consensus for pets, seeing as their bodies metabolize CBD differently than we do. Since body chemistry is unique and CBD affects individuals differently, product manufacturers don’t typically make dosing recommendations, so it’s important to discuss CBD use and recommended dosages with your pet’s veterinarian.

However, for some pet owners who want to try CBD for their pets, one of the biggest complications in using CBD is finding a veterinarian who is willing to discuss the treatment, which unfortunately is still stigmatized due to cannabis prohibition. Although more vets are now willing to talk about CBD after the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill. While statistics show that most CBD purchases are made online, we still suggest that you please check with a licensed veterinarian to make sure that your pets are in good enough health to consume CBD before starting any kind of CBD regimen. We are not licensed veterinarians and none of the information provided within this article is to be considered as medical advice.

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