One of the biggest crazes sweeping the CBD community right now, is CBD infused coffee. In this article we are going to go over the benefits of CBD infused coffee, and whether or not its worth the cost to indulge in that extra added benefit at the coffee house, answering the question, CBD Coffee – Is it Worth The Money?

Coffee and cannabis are two of the most widely used psychoactive substances in the world. Whereas cannabis is often consumed to relax the body, enhance perception, and stimulate creativity, coffee; like tea and other caffeinated beverages, is typically used to energize and help people focus, particularly in the face of exhaustion.

Whether you prefer your natural pick-me-up, home-brewed, bottled, cold-brewed, or blended, you may have noticed the steady increase in the number of CBD-infused coffee-based beverages. For those with an interest in the many potential health and wellness benefits of hemp CBD, this growing trend seems to indicate that hemp CBD has found a significant level of acceptance within our once skeptical society. While some consider coffee consumption a vice that needs restriction, others wouldn’t even consider denying themselves a single steaming cup of caffeinated glory. Yes, overindulgence can have negative consequences, but research suggests that moderate coffee consumption provides significant potential health and wellness benefits of its own.

While there are several studies confirming that CBD and coffee both provide significant health and wellness benefits individually, many CBD enthusiasts find that combining the potential mood-regulating properties of CBD with their coffee, balances the negative effects some discover with caffeine. Although there has not been all that much research into the combined interactions of CBD and caffeine; the potential benefits of combining the two are largely based on anecdotal evidence, the experiences, and testimony of those who enjoy the potential effects of CBD-infused coffee.

So when you walk into a coffee shop, and see that they have CBD on the menu as an added benefit, what should you look for ?

1. It’s important to realize that many coffee vendors willing to cash in on the increasing popularity of CBD may not actually know the ins and outs of working with CBD oil. If your coffee merchant is simply adding an insignificant amount of CBD to your coffee to increase their profits, they are not likely providing a product worthy of the price. Before paying top dollar for a CBD-infused coffee blend, consider the following:

  • Your barista (or product label) should be able to convey how many milligrams of CBD your coffee contains

  • Coffee containing less than 5-10 mg of CBD is unlikely to be worth the investment, as the effects are not going to be significant. On the lower end of CBD products, you should be paying around 5-20 cents per ml of CBD. Now, of course there is going to be a mark-up on costs associated with adding CBD to your coffee blend, but if a coffee company is wanting to charge $5 for less than 10mg of CBD, it most likely is not worth the extra cost

  • CBD-infused coffee beans are not an effective method of providing CBD-infused coffee, seeing as CBD is separated from the coffee beans during the brewing process

  • CBD should be added to coffee after brewing to provide any potential effects

2. If you are intrigued by the potential benefits of adding CBD to your coffee, you don’t need to pay steep coffee house prices. You can easily add any of our unflavored; or flavored if you prefer, CBD tinctures to your coffee, your coffee creamer, or any of your favorite recipes by investing in the versatility of our CBD Oil. When you add your own CBD Oil to your favorite coffee-laden beverages, you have full control over the amount of CBD your indulgence of choice contains and you can be sure that the CBD is added after brewing is complete. When adding your own CBD you can ensure that:

  • CBD will not change the flavor or aroma of your CBD creations (unless you are using a flavored tincture)

  • Our CBD is derived from Non-GMO industrial hemp, meaning it will not have any unwanted contaminants or pesticides

Now, we do want to take the time to mention, the CBD we use in our tinctures is an oil, and thus is not water soluble. This means that it will not mix with water. In order to get CBD Isolate to emulsify, it has to be added to an oil, since science tells us oil and water don’t mix. This means you may notice a slight oily looking film on the top of your coffee or favorite caffeinated beverage, but don’t worry, simply stirring the beverage before consuming it will help to mix the coffee and CBD together.

Those who promote the benefits of CBD-infused coffee claim CBD can reduce the caffeine-induced jitteriness of caffeinated beverages allowing coffee drinkers the alertness of caffeine without the adverse effects. So when trying to decide if CBD-infused coffee for you, sometimes the best way to know, is simply to try it. You can purchase any of our tinctures online, by simply clicking the link below.

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