Those who have been aware of the benefits of CBD know how much they can do for a person. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that have long lists of side effects, some worse than the original issue at hand, it has often been stated that there are no known side effects associated with CBD. Well, although there is some truth behind that statement, there are some side effects associated with CBD, but they wouldn’t be the side effects you’re used to hearing.

All too often when watching TV, or driving in the car listening to the radio, we hear commercials for pharmaceutical medicines, and at the end of the commercial, they rattle off numerous side effects such as:

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Abnormal heart rhythms

  • Internal bleeding

  • Blood clots

  • Asthma attacks

  • Hives

  • Swelling of the face, hands or feet

  • Aching muscles

And the list goes on and on, depending on which kind of medication they may be talking about. When it comes to CBD, we often say that there are no known side effects, although there are some, but because the severity of those side effects are not as serious as others, and are things we often can live with, we sum it up to say that CBD does not have any side effects.

Lets take a look at some of the side effects associated with CBD.

  • Tiredness

  • Changes in weight or appetite

  • Dry mouth

  • Vomiting

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Nausea or diarrhea

  • Dizziness

Although this list can contain some of the same side effects listed with pharmaceutical drugs, it is also known that these side effects are something that can also be helped by the use of CBD.


Often those who suffer from poor sleep habits, take CBD to help with or to regulate their sleep patterns.

Changes in weight or appetite

If you are living in pain, one of the things you are less likely to do, is be active. When taking CBD, you may start to feel better, thus become more active, which often times will lead to weight loss. On the other hand, CBD can help to increase ones appetite, helping one to gain weight. Now with both of these advantages, there are disadvantages. If you are already active, and start taking CBD, it may increase your appetite even though you do not see a need to increase your appetite, which can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Dry Mouth

CBD may cause cottonmouth in some users. The increased levels of cannabinoids – like CBD – impact your Endocannabinoid System’s mouth receptors and may stop saliva secretion. However, this CBD side effect can easily be reversed by staying hydrated.


It is not sure what causes vomiting in those who consume CBD. However the powerful benefits of CBD is that it can also help to alleviate vomiting in those who are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. ***We always encourage you to check with your doctor or general practitioner before starting any kind of CBD regimen when pregnant or nursing, as CBD can be transferred via the umbilical cord, or through breast milk.

Reduced blood pressure

Low blood pressure to the body’s organs can cause strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. On the other hand however, CBD can help to lower blood pressure in those who have an abnormally high blood pressure, and are on medication for those conditions.

Nausea or diarrhea

Too much of a good thing can result in adverse side effects. When taking high doses of CBD, some consumers report having an upset stomach. If you experience this side effect, try taking a smaller dose of CBD or using it in moderation.


Just like all supplements, there are certain cannabinoids that when taken in large amounts, can cause dizziness. On the other hand, CBD can help with symptoms such as vertigo. Vertigo is commonly caused by a problem with the way balance works in the inner ear, although it can also be caused by problems in certain parts of the brain, it causes one to become dizzy. CBD has shown improvement in those suffering from vertigo.

As you can see, CBD does come with some side effects, but nothing life threatening like you find with pharmaceutical drugs. If you are looking for a safer, more natural supplement to your medications, why not try CBD?

***We are not medical practitioners, therefor we do not provide medical advice, and the information provided above should not be taken as such. Please check with your doctor before starting any kind of CBD supplement.***

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