Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is an excellent natural remedy for various common ailments. CBD is unique because there are many ways to take it and the newest craze has been through putting CBD oil in your belly button. What?!

If you’re already familiar with CBD, then you’ll know that you can take it orally through a tincture, capsule, or edible, or by vaping, and through applying it topically on your skin. However, there’s one way of taking CBD that is not commonly used and rarely discussed but may offer the same benefits. 

This method uses the Pechoti Method and applying CBD to the belly button area to enhance the effects of CBD in the body. The belly button is an important reflexology point that connects all the major organs in the body. The belly button is near the center of your abdomen and around your center of gravity. It sits over your intestines and major lymph nodes and blood vessels, and is near your vagus nerve, which is responsible for the rest and digest functions of your body.

Unlike the rest of your abdomen, there’s little to no muscle behind your navel, which makes it the perfect access point to your belly. In addition to your belly buttons location, there is something else special about its location. The Pechoti gland is also found behind the belly button.

The Pechoti gland lies at the end of the umbilical cord and remains long after the umbilical cord falls away after birth. The Pechoti gland is connected to a combination of over 70 million nerves, tissues, and organs. In addition, there are also around 72,000 veins that run through the area behind the belly button. These veins are connected to various organs and tissues, such as the stomach, large intestine, bladder, and even the brain! When CBD is applied to the belly button area, cannabinoids are able to effectively be absorbed into the blood vessels and travel throughout the body in a quick and noninvasive way.

So how do you apply CBD oil to your belly button? One of the easiest ways is to apply a small amount of CBD oil to a cotton ball, massage the area in and around your belly button, place cotton ball inside of the belly button, and then apply some type of barrier over the area. You can use a Band-Aid or medical tape to hold the cotton ball in place. Let sit for around 20 minutes; your Pechoti gland will absorb the oil. Once all of the oil has been absorbed, simply remove the cotton ball, and discard.

This method of delivery has helped many alleviate stomach pain and cramps, improve fertility, help increase energy, enhance sleep, relieve pain and tension in your joints, stimulate your lymphatic system, and even balance the chakras. So, if you’re looking for a new way to take your CBD, why not try the belly button method? What do you have to lose?

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