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History of Natural Stress Solutions

Our company, Natural Stress Solutions is an industrialized hemp CBD company dedicated to using cannabinoids to help people find relief without the use of harmful prescription drugs. With a 10-year history in the medical marijuana industry, Eric the owner and founder, set out with the goal of helping people live better lives through the power of cannabinoids.

The idea struck him after realizing there was a much greater need to help consumers with pain, stress, , etc., over a cannabinoid that has been found, and used, simply to get consumers high. He began Natural Stress Solutions in the beginning of 2018 and immediately began filling the voids in the emerging market by providing transparency and education in the growing industry of CBD.

Eric, and our team here at Natural Stress Solutions pride ourselves on being fully integrated in the production of our products which help to make our prices not only extremely competitive but of the highest quality. We work farm direct without any middlemen and create all of our products in house. With knowledgeable and informed staff, we proudly proclaim ourselves as the “CBD Specialists” and provide everyone with the same “people over profits” mentality.

With the expansion of CBD exploding like never before, we have found a lot of misinformation and just outright false claims about CBD. We are here to set ourselves apart from other companies by going that extra mile and educating each and every one of our consumers. So, even if you do not choose to go through us for your CBD needs, at least we can have the peace of mind that we provided you with the knowledge needed to help make an informed decision.

Local and want to stop in for free samples? Come and see us at our physical store location located at:

6046 Fenton Rd. Flint, Mi. 48507

We are open Monday – Friday 9am-4pm

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All you have to do, is pay a flat rate of $3.99 for shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (A small fee may be applied to international orders.)

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