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Natural Stress Solutions has you covered when it comes to your Pet / Animal CBD needs. We have everything from Pure and Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures, Pure CBD Capsules, and even Pure CBD Pet Shampoo.

Our Pet Tinctures offer a simple and quick alternative to taking CBD. These tinctures contain the requested Mg amount of CBD emulsified into MCT Oil. All of our droppers have ml marks on the side of the cylinder which are used to help maintain accurate dosages.

Your pets can enjoy our original flavor or indulge in Bacon, Cheddar, Milk, or Tuna.

CAUTION: Full Spectrum CBD may contain trace amounts of THC, although far below the legal limits of 0.3%.

Our Pure CBD Pet Capsule come in a pre-measured amount of CBD per capsule, and BCAA’s. We use the same ingredients for our Pure CBD Pet Capsules as we do for our Standard (Daytime) capsules because we believe that when it comes to your pets, there should be no change in quality of the products. 

Our Pure CBD Pet Relief Shampoo is great for pets/animals that have skin conditions. Use as a part of your pets maintenance routine, and wash those impurities from their skin and coats, leaving the skin clean, and their coat shiny. 


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Pure CBD Pet Relief Shampoo