Pure CBD Body Lotion


Pure CBD Body Lotion: Whether you are looking for a moisturizer or a powerful anti-inflammatory/pain-blocker, this amazing Pure CBD Body Lotion has you covered. Our multi-purpose, non-greasy formula is lightweight in comparison to other heavy hemp salves, and combined with our simple and natural ingredients, such as organic coconut oil and organic Shea butter,  our lotion is perfect for anyone and everyone. Our lotion sizes come in 100mg/oz or 200 mg/oz but can be specially ordered to accommodate for any mg/oz ratio. 

Instructions for use: Shake well before use. Liberally apply a generous amount to affected area for temporary pain relief. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

Intended uses: Muscle stiffness and pain, dry and cracked skin, sports and exercise related injuries, joint stiffness and pain, general discomfort, and many more!