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we are making some big changes! We have launched our brand nationally and have relaunched our cbd section as abuvy cbd! there are many changes coming up in the next few weeks so please be patient as we create the best possible cbd experience for all of our customers!

24/7 drop box access at our storefronts!

Send us a email with any of your questions about all of the changes happening here!

new products - NEW CAPSULE BLENDS

We have a redesigned many of our original products to be better and are bringing over a half dozen new items to the table including a full new line of capsules with STRESS, PAIN, and JOINT blends!


New 1:1 Products

Check out our new PRICING on  1:1 CBG and 1:1 CBN

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CBD for your pets!

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❝ Excellent company! Friendly, professional, and efficient.
Products are high quality, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.❞

– Susan Desjardins
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❝ Received our product in 2 day’s. Great flavor selection. Will be buying again and again.❞

– Dale Wangler
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❝ Good deal and service. Will be back. ❞

– Alex Fleece
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New to CBD?

CBD works by activating naturally occurring receptors found within our endocannabinoid system. The more cannabinoids, the more receptors that are activated allowing for a broader symptom relief.

Get up to speed on all of the science behind the different types of CBD and all the benefits it has to offer!

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